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Greetings Cougar Families!

I realize that many of you may not know who I am other than being a name on an email sent out every now and then.
I had been meaning to send out a little introduction about myself for a while, so now that time has come!    

My name is Dara (pronounced like Sara) Camacho and as you may or may not know, I am your new Cougar ombudsman.
Our family has been with the navy since 2008 and with the VAQ139 Cougars since 2017. We have been back and forth
between Washington and California and are back in Oak Harbor and loving it! We haven't been with the command for very long,
but we are definitely enjoying our time here. I have two very beautiful little girls, two very old and lazy dogs, and a very funny husband.
I work full time at the Clover Child Development Center and have been working with the Navy Child & Youth Program
for over 7 years.    

As your new ombudsman, I hope to be not only, an effective liaison between the families and the command, but also a bit of a support system for all
the Cougar families. I know that many aspects of military life can be hard, but I hope that I can be of service as far as offering the right resources and contacts
for support for your needs. I can be reached best through email, but can also be reached at the ombudsman phone line, as well as my personal line. This contact
information is listed below. I do work full time (Monday-Friday) so please give me time to answer and reply if you do try to get a hold of me. I can best be reached
outside my work hours of 0800-1630, so please try to call before or after that (I am able to reply to text messages during this time if needed, though it may not be
right away). If you would like to be removed from this email list please let me know. I look forward to working for and with you all!    

Dara Camacho
VAQ-139 Cougar Ombudsman
Ombudsman line:(360) 929-9589
Personal line:(346) 298-2772

All information and conversations will be held with the strictest of confidence within the guidelines set forth in OPNAVIST 1750.ID the Navy Family Ombudsman Instruction.

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